What to Expect

You can contact the VFBCC through our website or by calling 866.828.9667 to arrange for an appointment. We will send you some forms to complete and return prior to you coming in for counseling. You may return them by fax (610) 948-6423 or direct mail. Your counselor will contact you directly to set up the actual time of your first session and will determine with you the frequency and number of future visits.

First Visit

Upon arrival to the Center you can let the secretary know who you are. She will check you in and let the counselor know you have arrived for your appointment. You can take care of your payment at that time (cash, check, or credit card). The fee is $35 per hour. Each session is one hour long except the first session which may be a bit longer but the fee will remain $35.

Future Visits

Based upon what is discussed and how in depth the need is, your counselor will determine a general idea of how many sessions you might have. At all sessions we assign homework as a way to extend the office visit because this allows you to work on the things discussed in the office during the week. Please return with your homework complete as this will help the counselor guide each session. Homework may include educational booklets, pamphlets, books, audio CD’s or DVD’s. We have a limited lending library of these items. Some items are free and others you may purchase in order to retain and review for your future help and guidance.

Final Visit

After meeting with your counselor for however many sessions are needed, it will be determined by your progress and the assessment of the counselor that you are able to complete the counseling process. If any fees are required, you will be asked to pay them at the last visit.

What types of counseling issues will we provide counseling for?

Here is a general list of counseling topics we address with our counselees.

Abuse (physical, sexual, childhood)

Addictions (all types)

Adolescent/Teen Issues


Anxiety (fear, worry, stress management)

Budgeting & Financial Issues

Crisis Counseling (includeing suicide)



Marriage & Family


Parental Issues

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sexual Issues

Suffering & Trials

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling uses the timeless principles of God’s Word to address the real problems people face in life. As counselees apply the relevant biblical principles to their lives, they become more like Christ in the way they think, act, and feel.

Biblical counseling does not attempt to employ a medical, psychological, or behavioral modification model. It is a biblical model first and foremost that works with these other professional disciplines to get to the root of the problem and help the counselee return to healthy well-balanced life.

How is our staff trained?

All our counselors have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree and are required to have special counseling certification through the National Association of Biblical Counselors (NANC). See NANC.org for more information about this certifying organization. Several counselors have advanced degrees specifically in biblical counseling and also have years of experience in biblical counseling. A few additional counselors are pastors and have years of experience in helping people with their spiritual, emotional, and personal problems.

What does the VFBCC charge for counseling?

The hourly fee for counseling is $35. We are able to offer this greatly reduced rate for a number of reasons. Unlike some other counseling centers, we are a non-profit organization so we do not have the burden of making a profit through our counseling services. Additionally, a large part of the operational costs are covered by donations and contributions from churches and individuals. This allows us to make our primary goal to focus on ministering to our counselees with genuine care and compassion. In light of this, we are pleased to provide this valuable service to our community at a greatly reduced rate.

Cancellation Policy

Counselees are asked to cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. This gives others the opportunity to use the canceled time slot. If no cancellation is made, or if less than 24 hours’ notice is received, except for absolute emergencies, there will be a 50% cancellation charge for the appointment that you are expected to pay.

Will you take my health insurance?

Because we are a ministry based organization we have chosen to remain independent from state requirements for licensure of our counselors. This allows us to avoid the encumbrances of governmental policies and procedures that may impose certain restrictions upon our counseling philosophy as a biblical counseling center. Unfortunately, health care plans require state licensure of counselors and their respective centers in order to approve them as an official outlet for reimbursement for counseling sessions.

Are my counseling sessions confidential?

Of course all of our counseling sessions are private and confidential between counselor and counselee. However, in rare instances, information disclosed in a counseling session may not be confidential. This would occur when the information presented by the counselee may involve criminal or illegal practices. In these instances, most state laws require reporting to local police or government agencies. Additionally, on occasion, it may be necessary to involve a second counselor in a particular case. In this case, permission would first be obtained from the counselee to share pertinent information with this counselor to assist with the counseling process.

Is the Valley Forge Biblical Counseling Center affiliated with a church or other organization?

The VFBCC is an extension ministry of Valley Forge Baptist but operates as an independent organization with its own EIN (Employer Identification Number) and Board of Directors. The VFBCC is located on the campus of Valley Forge Baptist and the counselors are also members of the church but the Center is primarily an outreach to the community and will eventually have its own office complex.

How do I begin counseling?

You can contact the VFBCC through our website or by calling 866.828.9667 to arrange for an appointment. We will send you some forms to complete and return prior to your first counseling appointment. Your counselor will contact you directly to set up the actual time of your first session and will determine with you the frequency and number of future visits.